1. Fun Alternatives to Going Trick-or-Treating This Halloween

    Our local Stratford family dentists, Dr Kolanska and Dr Codreanu have young children of their own.  For them, this year Halloween (like everything else in 2020) may be a little bit different.  While many families may not feel comfortable going door to door for trick-or-treating, that does not mean…Read More

  2. “Boo” Your Neighbours to Spread Fall Cheer!

    A "Halloween Boo" is a little gift or treat left on your porch anonymously by a neighbour.  The idea is to surprise someone with a little bit of fall cheer.  It does not need to be expensive or fancy but it does need to be a secret since guessing who it's from is half the fun!  The gift receiver …Read More

  3. A Science Eggs-periment for Healthy Teeth

    Background Egg shells and teeth have something in common; both can be weakened by acid. When you put an egg in vinegar (a weak acid similar to what causes cavities), it attacks the shell, making it soft and weak. When teeth are exposed to acids in your mouth, your teeth become vulnerable to cavities…Read More

  4. Tips for Packing a Tooth-Healthy School Lunch

    The food your child eats for lunch and snacks should provide the energy and nutrients to help them get through the school day, as well as aid in their growth and development. "Teeth and gums need a wide range of essential vitamins and minerals to grow and be healthy, just like your child’s body," …Read More

  5. First Tooth = First Dental Visit

    Making oral health a priority is key to lifelong health, no matter how old you are. In fact, oral health begins before birth! Children should see a dentist as soon as their first tooth erupts or by the time they’re 12 months old. They should start seeing a dentist regularly after that, just like r…Read More

  6. Healthy Trick or Treating Tips

    Halloween is such a familiar part of North American culture, it’s easy to overlook the health impacts of indulging in this annual celebration. Did you know that tooth decay can take hold in as little as 20 minutes? Here are some tips to avoid scary tooth decay this Halloween season: 1. Hold it at …Read More

  7. Tooth-Friendly Alternatives to Candy

    You care about the dental health of children in your neighborhood, but you do not want to be a joyless Halloween witch who dispenses only toothbrushes and floss. There is no need to scream; there are plenty of healthy Halloween treats that will satisfy hungry children without increasing their chance…Read More

  8. Breast Cancer is Linked to Oral Health

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. But for 1 in 8 women in the U.S., breast cancer is a year-round battle. With those odds, most of us know someone who has or will be diagnosed with breast cancer sometime in their lives. We have mothers, sisters, friends and neighbors who fight the disease ev…Read More

  9. Healthy Snacks for Healthy Teeth

    Everyone enjoys a tasty snack, especially when you’re hitting that mid-morning or that mid-afternoon slump and you need a little extra pick me up to get you through the rest of the day. However, there might be more going on than satisfying your hunger. When you enjoy your afternoon or mid-morning …Read More

  10. Summer Tips for Healthy Teeth

    Summer is a time for indulgence, which unfortunately is not the time when people are thinking about their oral hygiene. Generally, as the weather heats up, people will gear toward a more laid back and lax attitude. While there’s nothing wrong with that, sometimes a few things slip through the crac…Read More