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A “Halloween Boo” is a little gift or treat left on your porch anonymously by a neighbour.  The idea is to surprise someone with a little bit of fall cheer.  It does not need to be expensive or fancy but it does need to be a secret since guessing who it’s from is half the fun!  The gift receiver will then immediately post a copy of the “We’ve Been Boo’d” sign on their door or window and “boo” two more houses so that the fun can spread throughout the neighbourhood. This is great fun for kids, but also works well for houses with adults only.  Everyone could use a fun surpise, especially this year!  There are no rules about what you can “Boo” with so it’s also a great chance to be creative.

To participate, print 2 copies of the photo in this blog, one for the person to put in their window and the other for them to copy to give with their “boo bag”.  Then attach those to your gift and surprise someone by leaving the gift on their porch when they’re not home.  Then you can sit back and watch the cheer spread!  And since Dr Kolanska and Dr Codreanu at Coventry Dental Care care about your teeth – here are some sugar-free ideas of things you could include in your “boo bag” of treats:

  1. Balloons – especially fun Halloween orange and black ones
  2. Crafts – either made by your kids – this could be a clue to the neighbour who it’s from, or a craft/activity kids for those receiving to do on their own
  3. Halloween trinkets  – ghosts, bats, witches
  4. Books – we love giving and receiving books so why not pick out some nice Halloween themed ones
  5. A meal or giftcard for pizza or coffee– great if you’re trying to “boo” a busy family
  6. Colouring book and crayons – there are great Halloween colouring books or even print out some colouring pages from free websites online
  7. Flowers – fall flowers can brighten anyone’s day!
  8. A pumpkin – whether real or artificial, this would make a nice surprise – you could even include stickers or a carving kit to decorate it
  9. Halloween or Fall decorations – a great way to help neighbours decorate their porch or door
  10. Small toys – little items like yo-yos, balls, mazes, slime are always a hit
  11. DIY gifts – the sky is the limit – use your unique talent to make something – paint a picture, crochet a headband, knit some socks – whatever you feel might brighten your neighbour’s day!
  12. Stuffed animal – This is especially great if it’s Halloween themed.  Many stores sell stuffed pumpkins, witches, ghosts or zombies!
  13. Halloween themed hand sanitizer, hand soaps or mask – it wouldn’t be 2020 if we didn’t include these on the list!
  14. A Fall “thinking of you” card – For some, it may be nice just to know someone is thinking of them and including them.  A thoughtful or homemade card can make a lonely neighbour smile.  With so many beautiful colours on the leaves outside – it may be nice to press some to glue on or trace them then colour to design a customized card.

We hope you have a wonderful Halloween season.  For more ideas, check out our blogs from a couple years ago for tips on a tooth-friendly Halloween and some alternatives to candy.   And if you’re thinking of booking a dental appointment, we are local Stratford dentists who treat patients of all ages and are currently welcoming new patients.  Please contacts us at 519-305-9100 to set up an appointment with one of us today. We look forward to meeting you! – Dr Kolanska and Dr Codreanu.