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Summer is a time for indulgence, which unfortunately is not the time when people are thinking about their oral hygiene. Generally, as the weather heats up, people will gear toward a more laid back and lax attitude. While there’s nothing wrong with that, sometimes a few things slip through the cracks. Perhaps you’re indulging in sweets a little more or you’re having a few too many tasty beverages when you’re and about with your friends.

When the days heat up, it’s common for many people to drink cold beverages and eat ice cream while they’re out and about in the sun. While we strongly encourage you to go out and have fun this summer, dental care should always be in the back of your mind. After all, you only have one set of teeth.

Coventry Dental Care wants to provide a few simple tips to help you enjoy the benefits of the warmer weather without having to worry about your next dental visit or any discomfort with your oral health:

  1. Remember That Your Teeth Are Not Tools! Your teeth are meant to be a part in the digestion method of your body. They are used to break down food for your stomach. Too many people use their teeth as a substitute for tools, using them to open bottles, wrappers, and chew ice. People even use their teeth to open beer bottles, which can lead to extensive damage. These types of habits can harm your teeth, resulting in costly repairs.
  2. Always Wear Mouth Guards During Sports. When playing sports in the summer — even non-contact sports — your dentist suggests wearing appropriate protection, such as a mouth guard. They are fairly inexpensive and will help protect your teeth against cracking, chipping or damaging your lips, cheeks and/or gums in the event of an accident while you’re engaging in sports. This protective method will eliminate having to worry about what could happen to your teeth while you go for that touchdown or to make that slam dunk.
  3. Use Moderation When Eating Sweets. An ice cream cone or frosty can of soda are tempting treats on hot summer days, but they contain a large amount of sugars that can result in cavities, plaque, and loss of enamel when consumed in large quantities. Bacteria changes the sugar into acids, which can strip away the enamel of your teeth and cause sensitivity. Drinking too much sugar can be very bad for dental care and cause many oral health issues later on down the road.
  4. Be Sure To Wear Lip Balm With An SPF Of At Least 15. If you wear sunscreen on your face and body when out in the sun, be sure you don’t forget about your lips. Your lips are more susceptible to burning than most parts of your body, and damage to the lips over time can lead to skin cancer. There are many chapsticks that have SPF in them, so visit your local drug store to find some fun chapsticks to try out this summer.

Are you ready to have fun this summer? Are you prepared to have great dental care because of these great tips? Of course, you are! For more helpful tips, contact us. Call 519-305-9100 to schedule your appointment today!