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Oral health doesn’t just have to do with visiting a dentist twice a year to make sure your child’s teeth are in good shape. Oral health also has to do with taking a break and having some fun no matter what age you might be. Here are some simple ideas for how to entertain kids and grandkids over the March Break without spending a bundle:

1.     Turn your home into a hotel.You don’t need to drop dollars at a fancy resort in order to take a holiday. Have the kids design their own number signs to post on bedroom doors. Put fresh sheets on each bed and switch up the sleeping quarters so everyone sleeps in a different room (even Mom and Dad can participate). You can even have the youngest child place chocolate mints on all the pillows before bedtime.

2.     Create a restaurant from the comfort of your kitchen. Push the dining table against the wall and set up smaller folding tables and chairs. Have ingredients on hand for baking mini-pizzas, chicken fingers, and other favourite kid-friendly meals. Let the kids take turns being the server, the cook and, of course, the dishwasher. They could even invite friends over to join the dinner party. Base the event around a particular theme; design menus and co-ordinate dishes ahead of time.

3.     Put on a show. Have the kids write, direct, and star in their own theatre production. Hang an old sheet from the ceiling as a backdrop and set up a mini-stage or perhaps they would rather host their own talent show. Help them design costumes and practice throughout the day, then put on the performance at night. Use a flashlight as the spotlight and serve fruit smoothies in tall glasses to members of the audience. Don’t forget to press record on the video camera.

4.     Pretend to be a tourist in your own city. Visit local exhibitions or events. Try the zoo, bowling, art museums, nature walks, local amusement parks, water parks, movies or a children’s play. Check out your library for info on free local events. Make a list ahead of time for places to visit in, or around, your hometown.

5.     Plan a day trip. If you want to go a little further, travel to a neighbouring town the kids have never visited before. Head to the local mountains, lake, or beach. If you’re feeling really adventurous, drive to the nearest train station and take a morning ride to the adjacent town for lunch. Have the kids buy a postcard and mail it to Mom and Dad back home.

6.     Become clothing designers for the day. Rather than spending a day at the mall, let the kids design their own fashion craze. Turn an old pair of jeans into a work of art; with jewels, sparkles, and other embellishments. Search through fashion magazines for ideas and make the task a full afternoon activity.

7.     Go camping. Pitch a tent in the living room — or just spread out sleeping bags. Eat hot dogs for dinner and make s’mores in the microwave for dessert. Turn out the lights and tell ghost stories or read bedtime stories by flashlight.

8.     Play family scavenger hunt. Organize a list of items or ask the kids to find something for each letter of the alphabet. You can play as individuals or on teams either inside the house or outside — weather permitting. Have them return the items to a designated spot as quickly as possible, and the first one to retrieve all of the items (or the most items in a given time period) wins!

9.     Visit your dentist! The break is a great time to get appointments done without taking time off school. Contact our dentists or call 519-305-9100 to book a check-up for your child today.



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